How much does CredentialMyDoc cost?

CredentialMyDoc® is available for a low monthly fee for each provider and mid-level in your organization. There are no user fees, so you have the flexibility of providing access to CredentialMyDoc® for your team as you see fit. And, because we pride ourselves on being easy to do business with, you can get started with a low set up fee. You can even try us out on a limited number of providers within your organization to make sure we’re the right fit for your needs. Call us today at 855-282-8325 to discuss the specific needs of your organization.

Is there software to load? What type of server will I need?

CredentialMyDoc is sold “Software-as-a-Service”. This means that we are web based and can setup your account within 24 hours and have you well on your way to hassle-free credentialing and provider enrollment with no impact on your IT environment, whatsoever. There is no software to load, back up or maintain.

What sort of applications and forms can be generated with CredentialMyDoc

Any kind! CredentialMyDoc® has a current library of hundreds of provider applications and forms of every kind. If we don’t have what you need, just let us know. We’ll add any new form at no additional cost and turn them around quickly so that you can stay focused on getting your providers enrolled and credentialed.

How long does training take?

Because CredentialMyDoc® was designed by people who actually do credentialing as a profession, the software is very simple to use. Most of our customers are proficient following an hour of web based training, but we are always available with support and answers to questions.

Can CredentialMyDoc help me with my Ambulatory Surgery Center?

Like any medical facility that must credential providers for privileges, ASC’s need the ability to quickly and easily gather the relevant provider information to meet professional industry standards. CredentialMyDoc® simplifies this process with a secure web portal that can be extended to your prospective providers. You are notified when all required fields are completed, and you can automatically generate your paperwork for signatures and organize for committee review. CredentialMyDoc® will also track expiration notices and prompt you to follow up with providers for new information. CredentialMyDoc® does not currently track quality measures.

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